Ensemble Hemmingford Together is going strong

by Susan Fisch  (April 2017)

Following the great success of last August 20th Community Day, for which we received a lot of positive feedback, we wanted to update you on our progress this year.

EHT has decided to register as a Non-Profit Organization to allow us to receive funding for this year’s, and future events.

Our president, Lory Vansteene, and our vice-president, Véronique Clavette, have been working tirelessly to create the right structure and complete all the documents for our application to be accepted. We want to share with you, the citizens of our wonderful community, our mission, our goals and our services for the benefit of this community that we hold dear.

To give you a better idea of who we are and what we stand for in our community, here are our mission, our goals and our services;

OUR MISSION : EHT’s mission is to rally the citizens of the community, including artists, artisans, businesses, professionals and community organizations, to the cultural and economic life of Hemmingford. To create a sense of pride and belonging, to inform, to entertain and to transmit knowledge through varied intergenerational activities.

OUR GOALS : To diversify the offering of inclusive and training community projects. To promote local purchase. To sensitize the community to its environment. To encourage solidarity between community organizations.

OUR SERVICES : Be a showcase to promote the services and products of our artists, artisans, organizations, businesses and professionals. Provide varied intergenerational workshops and training. Organize cultural and socio-community events. Assist different groups, organizations and community projects.

This is who we are.

That having been said, we are in great preparation for this year’s Community Day. Please put the following dates into your calendars: August 11th , 12th and 13th. Be there, Hemmingford needs each of you!

Members of the Board of Administrators: Lory Vansteene, Véronique Clavette, Ryan Hawkins, Susan Fisch, Natalie Poulard, Sylvie Lucier, Michel Pothier, Annick Hollender, Vanessa Lachance, Claude Danis, Justin Hawkins, Dale Langille, Lukas Mikhail, Audrenne Demoy et Susan Heller.