Hemmingford Collective Garden Project – 2017

(April 2017) The Hemmingford Collective Garden will soon begin its fourth season. Several partners are again working to make this project grow. The Garden Committee will also hold an information booth at local events such as the Open House at Hemmingford Elementary School.

You can help the project by buying t-shirts, which bear designs from the two elementary schools’ children that were chosen during the garden logo contest. All t-shirt sales proceeds go toward the collective garden for gardening workshops and maintenance for our children.

Our collective garden is located at the corner of Champlain Street and rue du Parc Industriel in Parc La Fameuse. We want to create intergenerational links through this project. Do not hesitate to greet our busy youth and impart your knowledge.

People interested in volunteering can give their name and contact details to Maude St-Hilaire, 450 245-7289 or maude@cld-jardinsdenapierville.com. A schedule will be sent to all volunteers.

The gardening project, is looking for compost, manure, and gardening tools. If you have extra seeds or plants, they are welcome! translated by Mary Strate