Hemmingford Protestant Cemetery – December 2016

 by Sally Kyle & Karl Kramell  (December 2016)

By the time you read this article the main gate to the cemetery will be closed for the Winter. The small gate for pedestrians will remain open if you wish to visit a loved one during the Winter months.

Our volunteer team were quite busy during the Summer repairing old memorial stones and, levelled and straightened memorial stones that were requested by family members.

We are very pleased with your positive comments and the interest that has been shown with respect to the great work done at the Hemmingford Protestant Cemetery over the past summer. We encourage you to join the growing number of people who have asked us to straighten memorial stones of their family members buried there. Please contact our President at (514) 249-1908 in this regard – he will be more than pleased to add your request to the continuing efforts by our group of dedicated volunteers once Spring 2017 arrives. Please also consider purchasing corner markers for your family grave sites which helps in visual recognition of cemetery plots and our record keeping. Again this year we hosted a dinner to thank our group of volunteers whose many hours of work in the cemetery are greatly appreciated. Thank you Wayne Hadley, Ralph Marlin, Scott McNaughton and Joe Grant for your dedicated work. If you wish to join us for next year do not hesitate to contact the President. New members for our volunteer group are always welcome.

Our Cemetery Trustees wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017.