Royal Canadian Legion Branch – December 2016

by Karl Kramell, continued from October edition  (December 2016)

A special business meeting was held on September 13, 1962 concerning the purchase of land. On September 21, 1962 a lot was of land was purchased from Hermas Fortin, situated on Route 219 South, facing the golf club.

In 1964 a proposal was made to erect a Cenotaph to honour those who gave their lives in World Wars I and II and the Korean Conflict. The village council donated the land to have the Cenotaph erected. It was unveiled in a special ceremony in 1964. On April 20, 1974, the present Legion Hall was purchased. A loan of $3000.00 was obtained to renovate the building and the first meeting was held in the Hall on May 16, 1974. A bar was put into operation and the existing by-laws had to be rewritten. This was accomplished by Comrade Cecil Hamilton and Bob Swales and approved on June 18, 1975. On September 16, 1976 the lot the Branch had previously purchased was sold to Ross Hawkins. In November 1978 the mortgage burning ceremony took place. A big accomplishment for the members.

A new set of ByLaws were rewritten in 1982 by Ross Fletcher. They were passed by Provincial Command after a few changes were made in Fall of 1987.

In 1987 a medal to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Legion was presented to members who had helped to promote the welfare and achievement of the Branch. The members were; Herbert Short, Kenneth Johnson, Armel Emond, Nancy Hamilton, Cecil Hamilton, June Palmer, Kenneth Orr, Kathryn Orr, Malcolm English, Florence Ellerton, Gerald Quimet, Alice Pierre, Robert Chambers, Gordon Thomson, Dorothy Dey and Florence Wilson. These medals were also presented to the following members of the Scouting and Guiding Movement for their long association and hard work; Frank Deery, Jean Jacques Laberge, Gerard Laberge and Pat Saintsbury.

to be continued