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My transformation into a snowman!
The winter promises to be very snowy and cold, you have to be prepared if you do not want to turn into a snowman while shovelling your driveway! One of the common problems in winter: frostbite!

Recognition :
There are 3 phases of frostbite : the 1st makes the skin red and swollen and a tingling sensation is felt. The 2nd phase makes the skin greyish and the 3rd makes the skin white and waxy, the nails become bluish and there is a loss of sensation at the affected places.

What to do :
At the first signs of frostbite, it is necessary to warm the parts affected, but not with flames, rather with your own body (or your spouse’s). The greater the frostbite, the more important it is to slowly warm yourself because otherwise the pain will be important when thawing. Never rub the frozen parts and never put them under hot water. On the other hand, if you do not quickly take care of the frostbite, very severe problems can arise, even the amputation of the affected part.

How to prevent :
To avoid turning into a snowman, wear the right clothing, ideally in several layers (like an onion) so you adapt to the changing temperature of the day and your activities. Make sure your skin and clothing are always dry and change them quickly as soon as they are wet. Finally, always be adequately hydrated and eat regularly in small amounts so that your body has everything it needs to keep you warm. Consult a professional if the skin does not unfreeze after 30 minutes, blisters appear, intense and persistent pain assails you or your skin becomes bluish or blackish. If your transformation has started and you want the advice of a health professional, do not hesitate to visit the clinic nurse of the Coop Santé who will find a magic formula to bring you back to normal.

News from the Coop :
We have 1 new professional at the Coop: Paul-Andre Dupont, osteopath. Do not forget our 6 other professionals: physiotherapist, kinesiologist, nutritionist, foot care nurse, relation therapist and a massage therapist. Do not hesitate to call them directly to schedule an appointment!