Thousand Nuances of Healing

by Annick Hollender  (June 2017)

“Mom, bobo!”. “Come, let me give you a kiss!” And it’s already better! Is not that wonderful?

Most of us believe that our body is delimited by our skin, but it is not. Our physical body extends well beyond our flesh because we are electro-magnetic beings and our aura (Bio-field) is an integral part of who we are.

The latest scientific discoveries in quantum physics reveal how we really are the creators of our state of health. Believe it or not, our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, not to mention our emotions, generate energy that determines the quality of what is happening in our cells. Through science, we know the functioning of our body and its energetic laws. We are now aware that we can make choices, and that we are not always the helpless victims of an unjust fate. Choosing to take care of ourself, in accordance with the laws of nature, provides us with a rewarding level of health. For example, what you put in your grocery cart indicates what you choose to become. Let’s be honest, it’s not always a matter of money!

The word “prevention” is still too often absent from our health care system. Rather than criticizing it as overloaded and ineffective, why not look for the memories of our innumerable wounds, sorrows, regrets, etc? Our subconscious is full of them. To welcome our emotions and open ourselves to the possibility of experiencing them fully, to liberate them, to forgive oneself when needed, would be to allow ourselves a new way of being, and the harvest of our efforts would be good.

Yes, efforts, because it is not so easy to change. To wish things to change leads nowhere. We have to make the choice to walk the path that will lead us where we want to arrive. Why not be part of the journey?