Water and your health

by Annick Hollander  (December 2016)

When we face a health issue, it is usually not our first reflex to suspect dehydration or water quality that we drink as a possible cause. However, it’s possible! Water represents 60% of the weight of our body and we eliminate on average 2.3 litres of water in 24 hours. It would therefore be important to renew this quantity if we want to supply our organs. Dehydration is very common in people and the consequences are multiple, among others on our muscles, our joints, our brain and on our heart. In short, our general well-being depends on it.

After considering the quantity of water necessary for our health, its quality deserves our attention. Do you use your well water? Are you connected to the municipal aqueduct? Do you buy bottled water? So many important choices!

Your well must provide you with pure water, and must not be contaminated without your knowledge: coliforms, parasites, or other. It is crucial that you care about its surroundings (human and animal effluences causing the presence of fecal coliforms), without forgetting possible underground infiltrations from various sources. An occasional analysis of the well water is therefore suggested if you have any health issues.

The municipal aqueduct: It is not enough to believe that the water distributed by this means is automatically drinkable. Boiling notices should be taken very seriously. We also have the right to question the quality of what comes out of our tap. The presence of chlorine is obviously widespread, the smell testifies to it! There are many ways to purify chlorinated water to avoid the known toxicity of this substance. The latest scientific research shows that serious health problems have been associated with chlorination.

Without water, we die and die in a short time. Do not just water your plants … give all your cells the elixir of life so that health flows in your veins cheerfully!