Why become a life member of Info-Hemmingford?

Info Hemmingford is a small community paper. Its articles are written by local people like you. Even though the writing, translating and proof-reading are done mostly by volunteers, producing physical and virtual copies of it is costly, to the tune of around $35,000 per year for 6 issues. The paper copy that you get for free in the mail has cost about $4,40 by the time it’s delivered, and costs are rising.

Our efforts are helped financially by both municipalities in Hemmingford, by the Quebec government, and through advertising.

If you like reading Info Hemmingford, would you consider writing an article, or translating? We’re always looking for new contributions: new perspectives, new topics, news that isn’t covered yet.

Most importantly, though, you can support our paper by becoming a life member. Your membership contribution is mostly a symbolic support, considering the costs involved. But it also shows that our little paper is backed and encouraged by its local readership, and this helps us continue to receive government subsidies.

Life membership is $20. If you live outside of Hemmingford, we cannot send you a paper copy, but you will be sent the link to the online copy when it is published. If you’re in the area, you can pick up a paper copy while quantities last, at Variétés Hemmingford, the Hemmingford post office, the Hemmingford Library and the St-Romain Thrift Shop. Thank you for your support!

Becoming a member of Info Hemmingford implies first and foremost providing support to its team of volunteers and encouraging them to persevere in the production of this community bulletin. It also results in increased grants from the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications.

Conditions for membership :

  • Age at least 18 years
  • Payment of $5.00 subscription annually, or $20 for lifetime membership
  • Interest in promoting the objectives of Community Bulletin Info Hemmingford


There are four (4) categories of membership:

Regular – Individual who has his residence or employment in the territory of Hemmingford Village or Hemmingford Township. This category grants the right to vote and to become a director.

Collective – Organisation including non-profit organisations established in the territory of Hemmingford Village or Hemmingford Township.   A collective member must designate an individual as representative. This category grants the right to vote and to become a director.

Associate – Individual or organisation not meeting the conditions for regular or collective membership. This member is nevertheless entitled to attend meetings and to speak.   An organisation must designate an individual as representative.

Honorary – Individual designated by the board of directors in recognition of his important contribution to the organisation in a voluntary capacity. An honorary membership is valid for one (1) year, and the member is entitled to the same rights as a regular member unless he resides or is employed outside Hemmingford.


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