Do I need antibiotics?

(February 2017)

The famous Dr Vadeboncoeur, the very reliable website «Naitre et grandir», the Federal Minister of Health, all will tell you, misused antibiotics can cause serious problems like a resistance to antibiotics! What are the impacts of antibiotic resistance: soon no more antibiotics will work! For several years we have used far too many antibiotics for anything. Many people received antibiotics to treat viral infections (caused by a virus) and / or did not complete the prescription given to them and / or threw their medicine in the trash or in the toilet. Antibiotics are made to help fight bacteria, germs, parasites; nothing can fight viruses except your own immune system. Nothing can boost your system, except vaccines, good life habits and frequent hand washing with regular soap and water. For those who do not complete their prescriptions for antibiotics, the micro-organisms you are attacking do not die and develop the means of resisting drugs, forcing us to always take increasingly stronger medications until there is no more! Finally, any unused medicine should be delivered to the pharmacy where they can dispose of it properly.

Do not ask for antibiotics for anything and everything! If you have a cold or even the flu, it is useless to take antibiotics, it is a virus that you are fighting! If you have a residual cough that has been persisting for 7 days, do not have a fever, do not have major health problems and are able to leave your home; drink water, make sure you sleep well at night and ask your pharmacist or nurse what over-the-counter medications you can take.

The Coop’s nurse is always available to help you overcome your symptoms, do not hesitate to consult with him. The Coop Santé now hosts the CLSC’s blood test clinic with the same schedule and functioning as before. Do not forget our 5 professionals: physiotherapist, accredited kinesiologist, nutritionist-dietitian, foot care nurse and relation therapist. Do not hesitate to contact them directly to make an appointment.