Garden Fest 2017

Plant Exchange and tree give away

Already in the autumn I sow seeds of roses in light pottery that I installed in the darkness in our cold room. I water them once a month. If I have good results, I will have small plants for the La Fête des Jardins on 27 May.

May 27th gives everyone time to spot and divide the plants that come out of the ground. This will give you more beautiful flowers in the summer and you can share plants and ideas with other avid gardeners during La Fête des Jardins.

The gentle temperatures and the enduring sun of February and March (despite the snow storm) gave me the taste to start planting vegetables and flowers, and I always keep some seedlings for the plant exchange. I also take advantage of the Grainothèque of Hemmingford to diversify my varieties.

Fertilizers (organic), herbs, flowering fruit shrubs, seedlings, cuttings, bulbs, gardening tools, pots, shovels, forks … all kinds of things can be exchanged! The more choices, varieties and specimens you bring, the more you will can take away : things and ideas to try and adopt. Enjoy the exchange of plants at the La Fête des Jardins to know the tricks, ideas, the knowledge of everyone, all for free!

At the same time as the exchange of plants there will be the annual distribution of free trees. Provided free of charge by the Ministère des Ressources naturelles through the 4H Clubs of Quebec Inc., organized by the Hemmingford Environment Committee.

St-Romain Church and school parking on rue Frontiere
Saturday May 27 – 10 am to 1 pm
Everyone is welcome!

The success of the exchange depends on us all! Carole Lizotte and all those who cooperate in this event thank you.