Change is in the air

Hemmingford Environment Commitee (April 2020)

The recent pandemic of the Coronavirus has taught us one thing, that we are, as a collectivity, able to change our habits. What better time to look at improving our behaviour to help fight Climate Change and to protect our Planet.

Just in time for Earth Day, as promised, here is a list of ideas that the Hemmingford Environment Committee developed and has shared with both Hemmingford Councils.

Ideas to help Fight Climate Change

Transportation :

  • Respect speed limits to save fuel;
  • Get regular vehicle tune-ups and check tire pressure to reduce fuel consumption;
  • Reduce the number of trips by ride-sharing and running errands for neighbours;
  • Do not let your motor idle;
  • Share delivery trucks with other businesses;
  • Buy an electric or hybrid vehicle;
  • Prioritize walking or biking instead of driving;
  • Choose methods of recreation that do not use gas motors


Heating :

  • Switch from fossil fuels to an electric heat pump (geothermal or air-to-air). Bravo Saint-Romain School for adopting geo-thermal heating!
  • Eliminate cold draughts by weather stripping – don’t forget doors to unheated basements and attics;
  • Turn down your thermostats when you are not home;
  • Programmable or “smart” thermostats can make this task easier;
  • Close off rooms that are not being used and turn down their thermostats;
  • An energy audit can help you find ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Some improvements may qualify for financial aid under the provincial Rénoclimat program (


Eco-Responsible Life-Style Choices :

  • Consume less;
  • Buy things second-hand when you can (Hemmingford Buy and Sell, Comptoir familial, garage sales…)
  • Grow your own food;
  • Eat less meat;
  • Buy in bulk;
  • Support local farms and businesses by buying local;
  • Teach children about eco-friendly life practices and lead by example.
  • Compost organic waste;
  • Choose “Energy Star” appliances and LED light bulbs;
  • Have appliances repaired instead of replacing them;
  • Consider buying electric tools (chainsaw, brush cutter…);
  • Share infrequently used tools with neighbours;
  • Plant trees. Tree give-away scheduled for May 23;
  • Conserve water and use rain barrels to collect water to water plants/gardens;
  • Write to different levels of Government to ask for Climate action.


Businesses, organisations and municipalities :

  • Promote local food and beverages at events;
  • Eliminate single-use plastic water bottles by replacing them with reusable glasses and water filling stations;
  • Use reusable plates and utensils at events;
  • Minimize packaging;
  • Improve waste management (recycling, composting, consignment…);
  • Reduce thermostat temperature when buildings are unoccupied;
  • Install an electric vehicle charger;
  • Use local services to minimize travel and promote community life.