Parc Safari – New for 2017

Live the up-close and personal encounter ! (June 2017)

Families spend the entire day discovering seven wildlife areas: Safari Adventure, Olduvaï Footbridge, Cheetah Plain, Afrika Terrace, Five Continents Farm, Deer Trail and Feline Tunnels.

NEW IN 2017!

The Sichuan Takins : Bamboo, Gansu and Panda. The takin is the national animal of Bhutan, but they are also found in China, Nepal and Tibet. Its horns are similar to the Wildebeest horns, its long brown hair resembles that of the Yaks and its gait is similar to the Mountain Goats.

The Malayan Tapir : Tanuck, which you will see from the Odulvai Footbridge, is the only representative of its species in Quebec. There are only 2000 tapirs left in the world.

The Canadian Lynx : Ember and her two daughters Emma and Emerald are waiting for you at the Odulvaï Footbridge. They are beautiful and energetic.

The four young white lions : Gus, Hank, Olivier and Harrisson arrived a few months ago. Their arrival at Parc Safari is the result of our commitment to help preserve the species and a partnership with the Toronto Zoo. Observe them from the lions’ tunnel.

Nishati Park (energy in Swahili) recreational zone: Inflatable games, a rest area, climbing wall, hebertism trail and Mission Safari Maze are all places to have a ton of fun. This new sector has been created in partnership with Proludik (inflatable games) and Karibu (rest area).

Reptilium Pavilion : In partnership with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, a collection of more than 20 species of reptiles and amphibians are there for you to discover.

African Traditional Show : The African troupe Kalabanté Productions is presenting Guinean performers, acrobats, singers and dancers. They will perform on weekends between May 20th and June 23rd and every day from June 24th to September 4th.

The Aquapark Beach : On June 24th, Parc Safari will inaugurate a new beach equipped with cabanas to ensure the comfort of guests. A new restaurant and gift shop will be located nearby.

Parc Safari Hemmingford – 450 247-2727