We would like to thank our our many collaborators, who vary from one edition to the next, for their much appreciated participation.


Benoit Bleau – Administrator, President – Treasurer (c.a.), writing

Michel Lefebvre – Administrator, Vice-president (c.a.)

Susan Fisch – Secretary, writing and translation

Catherine Stratford – Administrator, writing and translation

Grace Bubeck – Administrator

Elsie Séguin – writing

Amélie Delisle Van Wijk – Translation

Mario Leblanc – Revision of texts, corrections, translation

Geneviève-L Pelletier – Translation

Helga Sermat – Graphic design and layout, coordination assistant, web master

Norma Hubbard – Writing – Biodiversity, photography

Students of École St-Romain – Writing

Students of  Hemmingford Elementary School – Writing

Hélène Gravel – Revision of texts, corrections