Info Hemmingford Community Bulletin published its first edition in February 2009 in response to the will of the citizens of Hemmingford who were calling for the revitalisation of the whole of the Hemmingford area with regard to sustainable development. The name of the organisation, known then as the Hemmingford Citizens’ Committee for Sustainable Development, was changed in 2013 to better reflect reality.

Right from the start the members of the committee realized that the vitality of a small rural community depended largely on community organisations. Meetings were set up with the organizations then in existence to inform them they would henceforward have a medium of communication for advertising their activities, fund-raising efforts and recruiting campaigns.

Later, in order to meet the need for more space for texts, the number of pages was increased gradually from 12 pages printed in black and white, then to 16, and at present there are 20 pages printed in color.

Info Hemmingford Community Bulletin is above all a tool for sharing information on matters of common interest, made available to community organisations and involved citizens in the area. Its aim is to alert the population to sustainable development in our beautiful corner of the country and to make citizens feel more connected to their community.

Info Hemmingford Community Bulletin is a non-profit organisation and publishes six bilingual editions each year. The publication comprises 20 pages printed in color on recycled paper. The texts are written, proof-read and translated by a team of volunteers. 1375 copies are printed and distributed free of charge to all postal addresses in the Township and Village of Hemmingford as well as to Roxham Road in St-Bernard-de-Lacolle. Additional copies are available in some local businesses and in four libraries in neighbouring villages.

Editorial Policy
Info Hemmingford Community Bulletin offers to registered non-profit community organisations covering Hemmingford a medium of communication on matters of interest to citizens. Citizens and businesses who advertise in the bulletin can submit articles for publication within the limitations of space, provided that they are written in French and in English in order to respect the multicultural audience. that they are written in French and in English in order to respect the multicultural audience. Contributors are wholly responsible for texts and material submitted for publication. Info Hemmingford reserves the right to modify or shorten a text and to refuse to publish unsigned or controversial articles which do not respect the objectives of the bulletin.