Children’s Book Addressing Climate Change

by Vanessa & Victoria Petch (December 2020)

The holiday season is fast approaching and while we feast and shop our way into the new year, have you ever stopped and thought about the detrimental effects the holiday season has on our environment?

For us, it constantly crosses our minds each year when we set up our Christmas tree, shop for gifts, and wrap our presents. We both have a huge heart for the environment and animals and that is why we are self-publishing our first children’s book called What Christmas Used to Look Like! A story that is based in a futurist classroom, where Ms. Victoria explains to her young class what the North Pole used to look like in the year 2020. The biggest problem started to unfold when Santa started replacing elves with big grey machines to keep up with all the toys being made…

We understand how sensitive and tough it may be for parents and teachers to open up the conversation around climate change, but it needs to be discussed. Luckily, we have spent the last year writing and organizing our children’s book so it can be simple, inspiring, encouraging, and educational.

The story book can be found as an eBook on Amazon starting December 10. At this time, we have not found a printing house that suits our standards of environmentally friendly printing and we wish not to print hard copies until we have found one. This is a risky move in the publishing industry, but we know we are making the right decision.

As young elementary school teachers we have noticed that educators and schools do not spend enough time on important conversations like climate change, that is why we have decided to create a whole unit for teachers to easily adapt and integrate it into their classrooms, this lesson plan can be found on Teachers pay teachers.

If you have any questions regarding our book/lesson plan, please contact us at