Coop Santé – June 2017

The Coop has just celebrated its first anniversary and we would like to thank all the members who allow us to offer you local services! Without the members, the Coop could not help you when it really matters.

Here are the professionals available at the Coop Santé:

Physiotherapist : Mylène Leclerc and her team offer physiotherapy services at the Coop, in St-Rémi and at home. They issue receipts for your insurance and the services are free if you are under the SAAQ or the CSST. Whether it’s for prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment or rehabilitation, Mylène can help you and is now even equipped with an ultrasound device.

Atlas Performance : Claudine and her team of certified kinesiologists offer you fitness and yoga classes every week at the Coop Santé. You can also contact her if you need a consultation in kinesiology.

Foot Care Nurse : Rachel Lavallée is available for consultations and treatments related to your foot problems such as ingrown toenails, corns and others.

Nutritionist-dietitian : Cynthia Leduc is available for assessments and helps you with your diet. Whether it is for your general health, weight loss or health problem, Cynthia will be able to evaluate, accompany you and propose strategies specially designed for you.

Therapist in helping relationship (TRA) Alain Droulers : TRAs are specially trained to listen to you and accompany you through your various social and psychological problems. He is available for individual meetings and workshops. Do not hesitate to contact him.

The CLSC holds at the Coop the blood testing clinic every Friday morning from 7h to 9h and also offers the smoking free program ‘’Quit to Win’’ every second Friday. Of course, the Coop nurse is always present to help you, to listen, to advise you and to provide you the necessary care. He can make dressings, injections, vaccinations and perform several acts under the prescription of your doctor. You have a health problem and you would like the opinion of a health professional, do not hesitate to make an appointment!