Hemmingford’s got talent – Annick Hollender

by Susan Fisch  (December 2019)

When I first met Annick, my young daughter had fallen on the playground and needed attention. Sitting in her waiting room on Quest Road, I was uplifted by her joy-filled peals of laughter wafting through the door. And then, I was deeply moved by the reverent, loving care she administered to my child. She confessed that her greatest joy had always been working with children.

Annick moved to Hemmingford in 1975 with her husband, Carol Grégoire, and their two children, Frédéric and Nicolas. Frédéric, the oldest, suffered from epilepsy throughout his life, and was severely autistic. He spent most of his life in long-term-care facilities, heavily medicated, passing away in February 2018 at the age of 48.

While working as a dental assistant, Annick’s boss encouraged her to aim higher. She enrolled in the first dental hygienist programme offered in Quebec, at CEGEP Maisonneuve, and completed her three-year programme at the top of her class.

It was a precursor to future studies. A chiropractor friend adjusted her spine, releasing her from years of pain – and changed her life! She enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa for their three-year intensive programme, and for two years, was accompanied by her family. Speaking limited English, she attended classes with a dictionary, yet graduated at the top of her class. After graduation, her first clinic opened in February 1981 in Hemmingford; and in 1989, she located to Westmount. A patient who had heard of her, came directly from the hospital. Doctors couldn’t help her. She was dying of malnutrition. With high-quality nutritional supplements, Annick saved her life. In turn, she referred everyone she knew to her care and helped build her practice. This woman was also a medical intuitive and she and Annick worked together for years, helping patients. A lot of stories of miracle healings emerged over the years. She also gave a number of conferences on health, nutrition and emerging holistic approaches. Empowering women to take charge of themselves was her mission.

After 9 years, she brought her clinic back to Hemmingford, on Quest Road, where she owned a beautiful property. Her dream was to create a holistic healing centre, a place where people could regain a well-being in nature.

Through a patient, she met a man in charge of finding investors for a company called NewTech, that was developing a revolutionary product. She felt confident in buying shares in the company. This man pocketed the funds he raised and bankrupted many in the process, including Annick. As a result, she lost her house, her business, her car – life was forever changed.

With the help of her friends, she managed to rise again, and moved back to Hemmingford to be close to her family. Since 2007, she no longer practices chiropractic care. She has graduated to energy medicine. Throughout her career she had always been an innovator… a pioneer, helping to restore the whole person to a state of balance, empowerment and wholeness. Her work with energy medicine continues along this path, liberating blocked emotional memories and restoring natural flow. Some of her techniques include: Neuro-Emotional Technique; Canadian Tree Essences that work vibrationally with our cells; HeartSpeak (developed by Dr. Anne Jensen) an emotional release technique that can change lives; The Bars (Access Consciousness), a scientifically validated process that interacts with the nervous system through contacting 32 points on the head , which react with the brain to eliminate unwanted electromagnetic charge, allowing for a deep relaxation and major life changes.

She also offers Book of Life Readings that serve as a map for personal growth for the upcoming year, and Shamanic Coaching and workshops.

Throughout her career and her life, Annick has accumulated a lot of experience and wisdom to share. She has given conferences and workshops, and has written articles on health and well-being, including in our own Info Hemmingford. Regardless of her life circumstances, she has always continued to educate and improve herself, her skills, and to stay informed regarding new scientific developments in the health field. But there is another creative dimension to her. She loves nature. She paints beautifully and writes poetry. She is multitalented, creating beauty around her.

What does the future hold for Annick Hollender? There is something new on the horizon, and she is very excited in anticipation. We wish her much joy and much success in whatever new adventure Life has planned for her. In the meantime, you can reach her at 450-636-8882, or by email at annickhollender@hotmail.fr to avail yourself of her healing skills.