L’Animalerie du Village / Chez Mademoiselle Cath

by Susan Fisch  (December 2019)

L’Animalerie du Village / Chez Mademoiselle Cath
528 rue Frontière 450-636-8813

We welcome a new business in town that opened its doors on August 1st. It is one of those businesses that we didn’t realize we needed, until it arrived. Our new pet supplies and grooming service is located in the old offices of Stéphane Billette, at 528, Frontier St.

The owners are Natalie Dufour and her two youngest children, Catherine and Xavier Brazeau, and her new husband, Alain Théroux. While Alain has lived in Hemmingford for 21 years, Nathalie and her children moved here two years ago. As Natalie described it, “I came to Hemmingford for love, and I fell in love with Hemmingford!”

27 years ago, Natalie and Alain were to marry, but life had other plans. They split up. 20 years ago, Natalie and her six children started coming annually to Petch Orchards to pick apples, not realizing that true love was close by.

Natalie’s family have always had animals. Hemmingford is a petlover’s haven. Opening a pet store here was a match made in heaven.

The store is open 7 days a week:
Monday to Wednesday, 9.30am to 6pm;
Thursday and Friday, 9.30am to 7pm;
and Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm.

They sell good quality foods for a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, guinea pigs, pigs, cows, sheep, etc. They can order in just about anything for their customers. Our several riding stables order large pallets of food from them regularly.

All foods and treats are also sold in bulk, by the kilo. There is a gift section and a variety of cat and dog toys.

Catherine’s grooming salon for dogs and cats is upstairs, by appointment. For now, it is open 3 days a week, Friday to Sunday. Once a month, she grooms cats. The next “cat day” is December 15th . With cats, she always works with a second groomer.

Xavier is in charge of orders and deliveries. He and Alain offer a free home-delivery service with a smile.

We wish Natalie and her family great success. They look forward to serving Hemmingford. Drop by to meet the family… and pick up some sunflower seeds for the birds while you’re there.