Les Marchés Tradition Hemmingford – Emergency Notice Covid-19

Les Marchés Tradition Hemmingford – Emergency Notice Covid-19 (March 20, 2020)

To all our customers:
In order to support our community in these difficult times, Les Marchés Tradition Hemmingford is now offering a free delivery service for our customers at greatest risk for the COVID-19. 70 years old and older, or those who are unable to come into the store for their groceries.If you call in your order at 450-247-2712, deliveries will be made on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.Payments are by credit card.

If we see that this service is of value to our community, we may decide to continue it even after this state of emergency has passed.

**Please be aware that certain products are in short supply everywhere.Products like toilet paper, bleach, paper towels, etc., are delivered by our suppliers only as supplies become available, so we don’t always receive our full orders in these products. We ask for your patience and good sense to buy only what you need, to allow everyone to fill their needs.

As a reminder, we have a wonderful catering service available for your convenience, while the kids are home from school, or for your special occasions.Our list of products and prices are on our website at www.marchestradition.com, or pick up a pamphlet in the store, or call at 450-247-2712.

Keep safe and well.
Les Marchés Tradition Hemmingford