Local Economy – June 2011

by Ginette Bars

The general trend is to take for granted what we have. However, can you imagine our small community without a grocery store? McKough’s Market which operated for several years under the banner of “Tradition” was a family business that had been passed down from father to son over a period of 107 years, from 1904 until May 2011. John and Martha McKough, wishing to move to another stage of their lives, have sold the business and wish to thank the population for their constant encouragement over the years.

The new owner Claude McSween, who operates under the banner «Bonichoix» is very proud of and enthusiastic about his purchase, and plans to implement new ideas. Mr. McSween, a butcher by trade and currently residing in Rigaud, plans to settle in Hemmingford with his wife and child as soon as possible.

McKough family, thank you! Welcome to the McSween family!

Burger Bob becomes Hemmburger
Francine Dumesnil and Robert Sanschagrin have been the owners of the restaurant « Burger Bob » for 14 years. From a seasonal business, they transformed it to serve the community throughout the year. Francine and Robert were very happy to serve the people of Hemmingford and they told me that they will miss their customers. But, as they remain in Hemmingford, we will surely meet them again.

Chantale Usereau, a resident of St. Chrysostome, is the new owner of the restaurant. Ms. Usereau is very familiar with the food business, as her mother Francine Bourdeau has operated a catering service in the region for many years. Chantale will keep the same hours of operation, and in terms of the menu she intends to bring her personal touch.


Hemmingford is very proud to host Parc Safari, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the province. The director Jean-Pierre Ranger is a visionary who does not rest on his laurels. This summer there are plenty of new features such as:

  • A new cool zone with 8 slides and 65 water games.
  • The observation deck “Afrika” in the shape of the African continent, from which one can see spectacular African species evolve and feed giraffes and elephants.
  • 1.4 km of new pedestrian trails that provide access to the African plain.
  • A farm of the five continents which will welcome new residents, two adorable fennec foxes, also called “Desert Fox”.
  • A unique Inca wall 160 meters long, was erected at a theme site of domestic animals from the Andes such as lamas, alpacas, guanacos and rheas.
  • The safari adventure has been redesigned to improve the quality of service.
  • Creation of a new area of 2 ha for deer and fawns with a 1 km walking trail.
  • 6000 trees and shrubs have been planted and protected by fencing.

Enjoy a visit before June 17, and purchase a season pass by adding $ 20 more to the entry price.

We wish a good season for Parc Safari !

The farmer’s market will open its doors for the season on Friday, June 24 between 4pm and 8pm. According to Ms Farish, we will be able to find a variety of products ranging from organic fruits and vegetables to herbs, honey, maple syrup, apple products and baked items.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact Ms Mary Farish at 514-292-2446