Make time for your health, or illness will make time for you!

by Annick Hollender (August 2017)

Today, I will talk to you about MICROBIOTA, the newborn word that has become fashionable in the health field.

When I told my patients thirty years ago that their health problem originated in their intestines, I sounded like a weird one! There was a time when it was difficult to speak about these “things”… Science has progressed sufficiently to be able to confirm the importance of micro-organisms in maintaining the balance of our general state. Do you know the meaning of the word “microbe”? It means “little life”! And yes, life is in full swing in all dimensions: from the microcosm to the macrocosm, where everyone has a role to play.

So when we have symptoms that we cannot associate with a particular disease – after a medical examination – it would be good to ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Did I eat vegetables and fruits today?…those of yesterday do not count!
  • Did I eat my share of proteins and good fats?…you have to learn about them, it is complex.
  • And sugar, what do you do with it?? Ha, the germs are SO happy, they love it! As it is found everywhere, they are in heaven…but not us!

The evaluation does not end here. If you have had to take antibiotics, cortisone, birth control pills, you may have fixed your problem but created an other one. Indeed, some substances disturb the intestinal flora, or microbiota, and your ability to metabolize your food( ingestion, digestion, assimilation, elimination) is disturbed. So what to do?

Not so complicated, it all depends on the duration of the imbalance. The culprit is called CANDIDA ALBICANS, the problem: candidiasis. It has become a star and deserves attention because it has harmful repercussions throughout the body if we ignore it. “Simply” correct the diet by depriving yourself of ssugar in its various forms and replenish the intestines with PROBIOTICS (another star!)

Please do not self-diagnose, you are sometimes better served by others than yourself!