A passion for small fruits !

For as long as he can remember, Paul-Emile Bisson has been passionate about all kinds of small fruits. As soon as a new one appears on the market, he gets one to try it. On his land at St-Mathieu-de-Laprairie he grew 20 kinds of small fruits. In 2013 he was attracted to our beautiful wooded region and bought a piece of land on Moore Road, Hemmingford, as a second property. Very soon he liked the spot so much that he decided to settle here permanently and in the autumn of 2014 he transferred about 1000 plants of all kinds of small fruits. Some were 15 feet tall and he had to cut them to get them under the electric wires. He hired two backhoe operators, one to dig and the other to plant. You really have to be passionate to do that!

Paul-Emile cultivates his fruits according to principals of organic agriculture without being certified as such. He keeps weeds under control with straw, which also feeds the soil, and he does not use chemical pesticides on the plants. Below is the list of fruits, giving maturity dates. U-pick available.

List of fruits grown by P.E. Bisson

Blue honeysuckle – May 20 –  June 8

White mulberry or raspberry tree – June 1 – 30

Lavender – June 1 – September 1

Strawberries – June 8 – July 1

Red, black raspberries, currants, gooseberries, blackcurrants – July 1 – 31

Blueberries – July 1 to August 28

Cherries and sea buckthorn – July 15 -30

Ground cherries – July 25 – October 15

Blackberries – August 1-10

Blue, red, orange plums – August 1 – September 10

Serviceberries – August 15 – September 15

Elderberries – September 1 – 25

P.E. Bisson – petits fruits – kiosk & U-pick – 300 Moore Road, Hemmingford – 514 966-3339